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Transponder keys

Post  4L-OWE on Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:51 am

a little off topic, but you should know this:

Did you know that since the early 1009’s vehicle manufacturers have been installing a passive anti-theft system on the production line?

The system is called Transponder key technology.

The system offers the vehicle owner peace of mind in so much as the car cannot be stolen without the correctly coded “chip key” to start the vehicle.

The cost of replacing a lost or stolen key varies between $100 and $150 for most vehicles but where it comes to vehicles where aftermarket keys are not available it could cost between $350 and $15000, the amount varying between makes and models.

With some of the latest technology fitting non genuine accessories to your car may cause your key to stop working.

Modifying the stereo system may lead to a completed shut down and replacement anti-theft system to the car.

The insidious thing is that apparently some of the latest cars have systems encoding components such as mirrors and tail lamp units. If these are disconnected, the vehicle thinks its been stolen and may shut down the car, and require complete replacement at great cost. This keeps the owner with the selling dealer or brand for repairs or servicing.

Additionally, transponder keys for another car on the SAME key ring can cause problems. Never carry two different keys on the same ring. Sharp impacts can also damage the chip in the key, as can mobile phones and the electromagnetic fields around computers and ATM machines.

Finally, check your insurance policy to see if replacement transponder keys are excluded. Some companies are starting to deny claims on keys stolen from owners via home invasion or car jacking.

Ironically, cars are so hard to steal these days that thieves are simply breaking into houses to steal the keys, or the aforementioned car-jacking, so the systems are kind of redundant.


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