Mac Park Easter Cup

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Mac Park Easter Cup

Post  xt/rd_crazy on Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:56 am

It was a Brilliant weekend a Mac Park for the Easter cup, only 55 entries for the weekend, a very disappointing turn out. It was the first running of the formula macPark, it worked well and favoured consistency over everything else, John Beattie came away with a 4th place outright over the weekend. The formula used two groups the top three from the second group moving up to the first group and the lowest three from the first group falling back to the second on a rolling grid over the weekend, the second group points were slightly higher. i found myself moving between groups every session and it was quite annoying but with larger groups this may be a bit different, but it is a good setup, better than brackets anyway for historics, we even had an RGV250 doing battle against the RD's!!


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