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Post  Holma on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:20 pm

Anyone got any results of the new years day races !

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Re: Results

Post  Jason on Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:27 am

This is where the results are supposed to be, but the Period 5 250cc class (plus one cheating mofo on a 350) don't seem to be there:


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Re: Results

Post  BMetcalf on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:58 am

Holma wrote:Anyone got any results of the new years day races !

Yep, sure have.
Just been slack in getting them up! Shocked

Pretty much good weekend had by most and I think there was only one retirement for the whole weekend.
Who said these little suckers weren't reliable.
Now if you owned a TZ, then ya odds of finishing are greatley reduced! tongue

The Period 5 250 saw a full grid of 26 bikes and a big cloud of 2 stroke smoke engulf the complex and I got to tell ya when you come around the back of the circuit and can still see it hanging in the air, it is a wonderful thing to be part of!
(Just don't tell the greenies we're out there!)

The pole sitters were #1 Brett Metcalf 1.26.93,
#2 Wayne Higgins 1.27.23
#3 Matt (the crasher) Bowshall 1.27.60

Race 1 saw Myself lead, with Wayne and Matt close on my tail all race and pretty much the rest of the weekend saw Wayne Higgins finish 1st every race with Myself a close second and thirds were shred among Matt Bowshall and Jon Gutte on the EX Zebra bike! What a Face

Saturday saw Matt(The Crasher) Bowshall put his bike down three times and DNF the last 2 races and I got to tell ya, that if you hadn't seen it with your own two eyes, you would not have thought that the bike would be back on the track from the VERY bent state it came back into the pits! Shocked Shocked Shocked

Sunday saw the State Title races finish pretty much in the same way as Sat. events with Higgins 1st, Metcalf 2nd and Bowshall 3rd. (He stopped crashing as he figured it hurt tooooo much!)

We had a few of the Victorians come across and seem to enjoy themselves with out any gravel rash or sand pit adventures. (Hey Mr Fary!) Very Happy

Thanks to all who helped others out with spares and also a big thanks to our sponsors for the RD Cup which Richard Carter and Myself have been running over the past few years.
The winners of the RD Cup this meet were:- 1st Mark salt (S.A.)- Hoey shock, 4 litres oil, Limited edition Yamaha mug. cheers
2nd Alan Hay (Vic.)- Dunlop Tyre, 4 litres of oil, hat.
3rd Craig Lawson (S.A.) - Dunlop tyre, 2 litres oil, hat.
Andrew Bannerman (S.A.) - Twowheel Recylers $50 voucher.
Andrew has mixed it with the LC's all year on an air cooled RD and has been exempt from the RD Cup previously, but from now on, all air cooled RD's will be catered for aswell in the RD races.
Andrew finished with a number of 5th places on the weekend amongst the LC's and deserves credit for mixing it up with us.

So for 2010 we are looking to see more LCs out on the track and are planning a mass assult on the Victorian State Titles at Broadford in April.
Victorian Historic Road Titles 17th & 18th April 2010, so if you were running anywhere in close to the Vics at MacPark, then ya better plan your holidays around this meeting, cause the little LCs love this track and it would be great to see a full grid of 250's there aswell.
Check out some of the utube stuff from broadford and you will see the shape and style of the track.
A little wider than Mack Park but a bit more undulating. Get over there and give it a go.
If you want any more info, then give me a call and I will see what I can do for you.

Thanks to our sponsors once again.

Thanks to you all for yor support and frienship throughout 2009 and bring on 2010.
PS., Hope James has found a use for all his new drink coasters! drunken What a Face

Brett Metcalf

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Re: Results

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